How do Africans Kiss?

“How do Africans kiss?” That question will probably have you thinking and then thinking again. Because when I think of the answer to that question, I barely recall Africans kissing in the first place. I have witnessed black people kissing, of course. But when it comes to my family members and African couples which I have seen frequently, I know that kissing isn’t much of a habit. Or wait, I do recall attending many African weddings where the couples had to kiss. I must say some of the kisses were quite ugly. Either one person included tongue and the other didn’t. Either way, it required some practice. I discovered a documentary called ‘Eaten by the heart’ and it’s about Africans and kissing. The documentary covers interviews with various Africans who answer to questions like: how do Africans kiss? This documentary is funny and interesting at the same time. I recommend you to watch this.

I laughed myself off my chair when the man with the dreadlocks described his first moment when he kissed. He described his first kiss as if a tongue was a rare object he needed to get used to. And also the man with the Nigerian hat on. He described his ways of kissing as a passionate moment, but the way he described it was hilarious.

EATEN BY THE HEART (Interview excerpts) by ZINA SARO-WIWA from Zina Saro-Wiwa on Vimeo.

Subjects as these are wonderful to talk about. In general, the younger generations in the Diasporas do kiss more in public opposing to the older aged Africans. People in the west have no shame in their games and we in the Diasporas tend to copy that. But I don’t recall kissing in public being acceptable to the older generations. Chai! Dare kiss in public at a public event with elder Ghanaians present, abomination big time. At least, within Ghanaian communities, the elderly would change their face into i-smell-something-funny-mode. Overall, things are changing.

Thank you dear Zina for the documentary.

What do you think about Africans and kissing? Do you as an African kiss in public?




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