Health & fitness: A new journey with Soueba Gambo

SouebaI recall attending a childhood friend’s wedding in 2013. I went to put my dress on and everything was tight, nothing was sitting in the right place! I had never felt so unhappy with myself. This day marked the beginning of my journey, which is soon to be OUR journey. I go by the name of Soueba Gambo, 24 years young (lol) studying International Business and Management Studies in Rotterdam, and call I The Netherlands my home.

Skinny is not fit

Though I have always been an active girl, I never completely took notice of my diet and regular exercise. This was detrimental to my health and well-being. One thing I quickly came to learn and understand is that skinniness does not equate to being fit! Over the years my weight has fluctuated, but to this present day, with my notable hourglass curvy physique, I am happy in my skin. I need all of you to understand that you don’t have to be a size 0 to be healthy, fit or even beautiful.

A balanced diet

Do you ever feel tired, fatigued, and simply just dull? If you answered yes, its time to change your lifestyle. I am by no means any professional expert, but with a bunch of completed challenges under my sleeve, a complete body transformation, a consistent gym go-er and healthy food lover, I definitely can say I know a thing or two. A balanced diet is the first step.

With my roots that lay back in Ghana (West Africa), my rich culture also meant I had a very rich and high carb diet. With traditional dishes that predominately consist of starch, rice and oil, having a healthy diet wasn’t always easy. However, cutting down my portion sizes, and grilling food as opposed to frying it are small steps that make all the difference! With life being so busy, I aim to exercise for a solid hour a minimum of 4 times a week, in addition to my clean eating. Remember, there is always time to exercise and contribute to your health!

Your inner strength

I will contribute fitness/diet tips and tricks to on a monthly basis. My aim is to provide all readers with the guidance and motivation to achieve the body they desire and dream of. I want you to be able to walk in a room, have everybody stare and ask; “WHO is that?” My motto in life is to unleash ‘your inner strength.’ I welcome you to join me in what will become OUR journey, to a healthier us. LETS GO!

Soueba Gambo

About Soueba Gambo

Soueba Gambo is a Dutch based Ghanaian Business Administration student and what we call a motivational healthician. Her fitness and health journeys which she shares on her Instagram page relate to ABINA readers and she copes with what a lot of us deal with: African food and curves. When it comes to managing these attributes, she knows what to do. Soueba contributes fitness/dietary tips and tricks on a monthly basis. Her aim is to provide all readers with the guidance and motivation to achieve the body they desire and dream of. Follow Soueba on Instagram to stay updated.



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