Have a FAB 2014, dear AFRICA

ABINAonlineTo all ABINA-readers, we wish you an awesome Christmas and a Happy New Year! I enjoy Christmas, because it reminds me of a grace given to me as a Christian. At times people, who celebrate Christmas totally forget why it is celebrated and enjoy the gifts and time shared with family only. To ABINA, it is a day of Grace given by God. We also take the opportunity to thank you, our reader for being a part of what we call: showcasing the beauty of Africa to this generation.  We are growing and growing and it’s all because of you.

We are excited about what 2014 has in store for us. 2013 was a blast! We covered events, met new people and expanded our limits by doing so. Our prayer is that 2014 will fill you with love and joy in abundance.

We have yet to complete our 2013 recaps, so I can’t disclose more of the events we visited. But we have many write-ups coming up.

Have a blessed week!



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