Happy birthday Ghana: Ghana’s international succes stories

Ghana, the first sub-Saharan country that gained independence, is 56 today! Ghana is a fabulous young lady and I’m not saying this because I am from the GH.  Having been ranked as one of the top growing economies in the world, Ghana is doing well well. We want to wish all Ghanaians a happy Independence Day! Ghanaians have a lot to be proud of, especially when it comes to culture, fashion and economics. We’re not national geographic, we’re that fashion & lifestyle go-to-guide, so we have just listed some of Ghana’s worldwide based fashion designers, brands and personalities to look out for. Way to go Ghana!

Africa’s magazine Face 2 Face Africa

Face2Face Africa is a NYC based media company, founded to rebuild the image of Africa (some call it rebranding Africa) within the global community. Having launched their magazine last year, the magazine Face2Face Africa proved to be as innovating as announced. Our copy is yet to be delivered at our doorpost and we have an article in the making about the founders. ‘INFACT’, Face2Face Africa Company is showing a remarkable consistency and high quality services, of which we expect it to progress and progress.

A full article about Face 2 Face Africa coming up soon! Stay updated with Face2Face Africa.


Koshie O.

I’ve written about Fashion 4 Development for This is Africa (the article also appeared on the Guardian). One of the brands that Fashion 4 Development has supported is Ghanaian fashion brand Koshie O. Fashion for Development really helped push this fashion brand to another level, by connection the fashion brand to a consistent distribution program. The founder, Nina Baksmaty is a Ghanaian. Koshie O. is yet to launch her new collections in collaborations with Michelle Williams (from Destiny’s child), Eva Marcile (from America’s Next Topmodel) and Mya (the R&B singer). CHAI, we have yet to see nice things.

Ghanaians in Hollywood

Ever seen a name under credits of a movie and you’re like: “hey, that’s a Ghanaian name”. Your remark couldn’t be far from wrong. There are actually some Ghanaian personalities in the film industry to look out for.

Peter Mensah is an actor who’s popularly known for his roles in Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Tears of the Sun and more movies. I don’t favor writing what can be found on Wikipedia. But let’s keep an eye on Mr. Mensah, because the man is representing the GH.

 The Boateng brothers also known as: Kwame boateng(21), Kofi Siriboe (19) and Kwesi Boakye (13) are also climbing their way to the TOP. Ghanaian communities are quiet small in terms of who knows who. And it was always said in my network that their dad was really working with them towards successful acting careers. That probably is true. Way to go dad! Ok, before you ask: “so who are they?” You might recognize Kwesi from Tyler Perry’s movie I can do Bad All By Myself. Kwame is both an actor and model. And Kofi is also a model and actor, having also appeared in the family show Lincoln Heights. There is no need for me to mention that we should look out for these chocolate brothers. They’re already on the success train. Way to go.

The brothers are also on the cover of Face 2 Face Africa magazine (in case you didn’t notice)

A Quality film director

When I watch Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s movies, my face glows. Her movies have storylines that I as a young African can identify with, moreover the quality of the film is GOOD. It just makes you proud. Shirley Frimpong-Manso is the brain behind movies like The Perfect Picture and Ghana’s hit series Adam’s Apples. You’ll have the idea that you’re watching American Black movie productions, but then taking place in Africa. I tell you, this lady is also someone to look out for. The world needs women like her. And if you are familiar with Adams Apples, season 2 just kicked off on Valentine’s day! Hey!

Watch the trailer of her recent productions starring Yvonne Okoro from the movie called Contract. 

The personalities above are just only a few mentioned that are making international waves. There are more Ghanaian fashion brands, personalities etc. making an impact. ABINA intends to showcase these artists to the world. Ghana has their talented and successful personalities, so do the rest of African countries. If we had to talk about successful Nigerians alone, for example, I wouldn’t know where to start. The deal is, that many among the younger African generations have no idea that these people hail from Africa. It’s time that people are conscious of Africa’s glory and don’t trade it for the approval of the west. I mean, blend in, but let’s not loose who we are.

Have a happy Independence day! And let’s toast to Africans around the world, minding their businesses and making theirs work.



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