Hairtales: a natural hair journey

With Mrs. Hortence Zuinig

Mrs. Hortence Zuinig shares her natural hair journey with ABINASeeing woman with healthy, fine and long hair is a glorious thing to see. A woman’s hair is her crown of glory and when it looks good, it gives a magnificent glow to a woman’s look. I ran into Mrs. Hortence Zuinig who has long beautiful natural hair and couldn’t help but to compliment and interview her. I discovered that fine natural Afro hair today often has a story. Mrs. Zuinig, a hair dresser by profession shares her journey with us.

Mrs. Zuinig (Afro-Surinamese) explains to us that she used to use relaxers to straighten her hair until it started to break back in 2006. So she decided to grow her natural hair. She cut her hair 4 times.

Natural hair products
Around 2006, hair products for natural hair were very expensive and not as popular as they are today. Mrs. Zuinig didn’t want to be dependent on expensive hair products. So she did her own research and started to use natural home-made products, like hair masks that contain avocado, bananas, coconut milk and honey. She also uses henna and natural oils, like olive oils and sunflower seed oil.  She stopped using shampoo that contained Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), because she discovered it was rather bad for her hair. And instead she used shampoo that contains natural oils, like olive oil soap. She also stopped using pomade which contains petroleum and mineral oils.

Shea ButterShea Butter as a hair care product with Hortenze Zuinig

Mrs. Zuinig explains to us that Surinamese love to use grease on their hair and that it’s rather not as good for the scalp as most Black people think it is. Mrs. Zuinig’s brother recommended her to use Shea butter.  She ordered Shea butter from Ghana (West-Africa) and used it with her home-made products.  Mrs. Zuinig’s hair naturally grows at a normal rate, but the use of Shea Butter started to be a greater benefit to her hair. She experienced the benefits of the Shea Butter and began researching the origin of it. Upon her research she discovered that the Shea Butter tree is only found in Africa. A natural product which contains medical minerals that is good for irritated skin like eczema, food and is also great for hair. As a result, Shea Butter has become Mrs. Zuinig’s  key ingredient for her natural home-made products.

Natural hair with a meaning
Mrs. Zuinig explained that the growth of her natural hair meant something greater to her. “The step to growing natural can be emotional. However, I looked in the mirror and realized that: I am beautiful the way God created me to be, I love my unique nose and my full lips which makes me One of a Kind”. She tells us that she started growing as a more confident woman and became more thankful to God for how she has become.


“I would recommend others that are growing their natural hair to look around for best options that fits them to treat their hairs. Whether cutting your hair in phases or going for the big chop, always make sure you treat your hair with care and with love. From the moment the hair is cut properly, it grows. My favorite statement concerning growing natural hair is from Marcus Garvey, it says: “Don’t remove the kinks from your hair. Remove them from your brain”. I recommend every woman to treat her hair with proper care, whether it’s growing natural or not. Many black women hate their real hair, but a woman’s hair is her glory.”

Natural hair journey with Hortence Zuinig


Mrs. Hortence Zuinig is a professional hairdresser. She produces natural hair products, she gives workshops and also offers care for hair with bald spots. For those who reside in the Amsterdam, the Netherlands area, you can contact her for products and questions about treating natural hair through

ABINA: “Thank you”

Mrs. Zuinig dedicates this article to her son, who she lost due to gun-violence. Her son was always a lover of her hair and she is sharing her journey in remembrance of him.

ABINA is a fan of growing healthy long and strong hair. So far we have covered how lovely and beautiful sisters are growing their natural hair in a western country. The African hair is naturally made for tropical weather, but unfortunately not everyone is enjoying that type of weather. Therefore it’s always interesting to get ideas about how others treat their hair. What better way is there to get information than from a friend, acquaintance and such? Next time we’ll cover how to best treat relaxed her. I am convinced that is interesting too, because I do see beautiful relaxed hair. It’s just that not everyone treats theirs as good. And people have the nerve to say Africans don’t have long hair.. The Nerve! But that’s for another discussion.

Pictures by Denise Kruydenhof

Interview edits by: Maame Durowah Kan




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