Glitz Fashion Week in Accra, Ghana: another ABINA 2013 recap

Glitz Fashion Week It is the ending period of the year. I can’t believe it’s almost over. For ABINA it has been a good one. We had the chance to explore, experience and by the Grace of God we have grown. There are a few things we have not been able to cover, but we still want to give the opportunity this month to look back to all Fashion events and things we have not been able to share yet. November was Glitz time! Glitz Magazine organized her second fashion Week from 6 to 9 November and we are proud to have been a part of the event. Glitz Fashion Week features African designers, models, music and more. Discover which fashion designers and collections we think are the BOMB and which designers you should lookout for. 

All the designers, yes I said all, were absolutely great! And this is with no exaggeration. All collections came through looking chic and extra elegant. The setting of the catwalk was visible from every point in the audience. The music was nice and the ambiance was cool, speaking of a well organized fashion week. Abrantie Gentleman (means wear) also showcased classy and sophisticated gentlemen’s wear. Here’s a glimpse from our view of the runway on Instagram. And also, more of the collections we think are worth having in your wardrobe.

My favorite designer of the night was Boenaj. Boenaj designs were very elegant. She made use of very romantic colors. And the styles enhances a lady’s curves.

Glitz fashion Week Boenaj

Boenaj at Glitz Fashion Week Accra, Ghana


Toju Foryeh 

Toju Foryeh has the fashion pieces I would wear to a gala, pageant, you name it. Her collection just looks elegant all the way. And that yellow skirt, CHAI!

Toju Foryeh Glitz Fashion Week

Toju Foryeh at Glitz Fashion Week Accra, Ghana

Maryzo Designs

Maryzo Designs is very trendy. Females who love to take a little risk in their wear, by showing a little stomach or shoulder, would definitely love Maryzo Designs. This dress at the fashion week was my favorite (the picture of this dress is in the gallery below).

Abrantie Gentleman

Abrantie Gentleman has the perfect collection  for the man who likes sophistication without going overboard. Perfect name and perfect collection.

Abrantie gentleman

Abrantie Gentleman at Glitz Fashion Week Accra, Ghana

House of Nwocha 

House of Nwocha had some nice pieces, I think. I loved what she did with the hats. And this dress is definitely one I would wear.

House of Nwocha post

House of Nwocha at Glitz Fashion Week Accra, Ghana

Ohema Ohene

The  founder of Ohema Ohene must know that the brand is badass. The color coordination on this collection is sick!

Ohema Ohene post

Ohema Ohene at Glitz Fashion Week Accra, Ghana

African Apeiron

African Apeiron is diffrent. This collection gives me Jungle vibe. Only the daring will wear African Apeiron. I would recommend this brand to stylists. Because this collection would look on faya in a Beyonce, Rihanna video. Just any video with good fashion and quality should have this collection included.

African Apeiron

African Apeiron at Glitz Fashion Week Accra, Ghana


We said that we loved all the collections. Here are more pictures of the collections that we love.