Ghana’s new smoothie: Jive Juice Bars

Jive juiceJive Juice Bars Limited is a new Ghana based speciality fruit smoothie and juice mobile retailer. Jive Juice Bars uses fresh locally grown fruit to provide freshly blended nutritional, revitalising, healthy smoothie drinks in a convenient and time efficient manner. Finally a beverage made of ingredients from Ghanaian soil and with no for imported goods. All Ghanaian based readers and fruit juice lovers, you need to get your very own smoothie. 

About Jive Juice Bars

Jive Juice was born out of a passion to enlighten consumers on the health benefits of fresh fruit. Many of the fruit juices offered on the markets consist of preservatives and artificial additives. We all know that food is most nutritious when fresh. And Jive Juice Bars is the answer to this.

The founder

Mathew Senyo ZikpiMathew Senyo Zikpi is the founder and managing director of Jive Juice Bars. “The entrepreneur in me was constantly at work. After reading an article about the fruit juice industry in Ghana, I realised that there was a gap in the market and that consumers were really missing out. It was then that a seed was planted. I began researching ferociously to the point of quitting my job and travelling to Ghana to get a better understanding of the situation and to find out exactly what consumers where missing out on.  Through these endeavours Jive Juice Bars Limited was born: A mobile beverage retail offering affordable fresh fruit smoothie drinks made while you wait.”

“More than just starting up a business, I wanted to create a product that would allow me to give back. This desire, lead me to pack up my life in Australia and return home to Ghana, West Africa.”

“Having been exposed to the health benefits of daily fruit consumption, I felt obliged to make more Ghanaians just as aware of how a simple concept could make a difference to a person’s health.” Mathew shares with us.

The simple philosophy behind Jive Juice bars is taken from the old saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Fruit contains vital nutrients for good health and that is why we promote fresh fruit, not just any fruit.

jive  juice barsJive Juice is freshly made before your eyes by their friendly staff at Jive Juice Bars.

Want a taste?

Find out where you can get  your fresh juice, via Facebook and their website.



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