Ghana Movie Awards 2016 red carpet fashion: the ones who nailed it

'Ghana movie awardsThe fashion on the red carpet of the Ghana movie awards which took place last week blew us away! It has impressed us to such an extent that we had to write about it. Our former impressions of the fashion of these award shows haven’t always been too good. But this time, Charle. Ghana’s finest celebrities came through.

In our article: Ghana Movie Awards 2012 and the Fab Dressed, we expressed our concerns for the somewhat (often referred to by blogs as) ugly fashion on the red carpet. We can’t pin point what the reasons for that is. If we are to compare the fashion of the African celebrities on the red carpet the fashion to the main stream, we discover that to gain access to budgets to look good is not always eazy. Super stars, like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez etc. look the way they do because they have a whole styling team behind them. However, nowadays online webstores like ASOS and platforms like Instagram have made famous red carpet styles accessible and easy to copy.

Another thing we have discovered is that the group of stylists in Ghana have become more accessible and creative also. On top of that, Ghana based stylists have good platforms to showcase their work, which makes it easy for celebrities to work with them. The standards of today are high and the bars are easy to raise.

Some of our favourite celebrities came to impress and kill. Here are our favorite styles of the evening.

Our top favorites

10. Nana Ama McBrown

Nana Ama McBrownWe love Nana Ama McBrown and her dress was ‘nice’. But somehow we feel she often wears make-up that make her look pale. Which is probably one of the reasons people insinuate that she bleaches her skin. She looked good, though.

9. Luckie Lawson

Luckie LawsonLuckie Lawson came walking in red wearing a dress by Neyomi Gborsi and the dress fitted her curves in very precise ways. Some on social media called it too thight, but we think that it brought out her curves well. Also the hair style was a good match.

8. Edem Fairre

Edem Fairre Ghana Movie Awards

We simply L-O-V-E her hair. And the blue color suits her skin tone perfectly.

  1. Moesha Babiinoti Boduong

    Moesha Ghana

Moesha is like the Kim Kardashian of Ghana: 0-5% talent, but she is hard working like a tigress. She makes sure she appears on every media platform in the Ghanaian country. She recently landed herself a role in the TV-series Cocoa Brown. And all that from being Insta-famous. The hair and the dress suits her perfectly. And we absolutely love that clutch. From the looks of it, it can barely hold an iPhone, but we still love it. Work, Moesha!

6. Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appia Ghana Movie AwardsJackie Appiah came in her glory wearing a red dress by Toju Foyeh and she looked radiant. The talented Jackie Appiah probably can’t ever go wrong with us. Her dress embraces her curves perfectly. Way to go Jackie, we see you!

5. Vica Michels

vica-michelsVica Michels came through like a model, looked like a model and stayed fab like a model. We love the green color.

4. Nana Akua Addo

Nana Akua Addo

  1. Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn DumasJoselyn Dumas wore She by Bena and looked gorgeous. The dress suits her shape perfectly.

  1. Benedicta Gafah

Benedicta Gafah Ghana Movie AwardsWe are a fan of Benedicta Gafah. Besides her wrong choice of wigs sometimes, we love her confidence and the way she embraces her curves. Empress Dicta babe (her former name) embodies sexiness. The dress and the hair suits her to perfection.

  1. Zynelle Zuh

Zynelle Zug Ghana Movie AwardsZynelle Zuh’s dress is our favorite and her dress was screaming the word: Awards!!” Here dress looks theatrical in all good ways. Her hair; the bun suits her perfectly. The actress often carries sophistication on the red carpet and her choice for dresses are on point. So it is no surprise to us that she looks this good.

Who was your favorite? And who do you think deserves a good round of applause for her red carpet outfit? You tell us.



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