Ghana Movie Awards 2012 and the fab dressed

In Accra, Ghana, Christmas day was not only a holiday, but also the day that the 2012 Ghana Movie Awards was held. Our no. 1 love goes to fashion, and when it comes to events such as the Ghana Movie Awards, fashion is not to be left out. Unfortunately, we couldn’t attend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share what we think are the best ‘Sposes’(our interpretation for fashion style) of the award show.  African film stars, such as Nadia Buari, Juliet Ibrahim, Deborah Vanessa (‘Uncle Obama’ songstress), Patience Ozorkwor and more appeared on the red carpet and showed what they’re fashionably made of. We hate to be that other website that bashes red carpet looks, but there were some fashion faux here and there. As for the rest to comment, we will leave that up to you.

Juliet Ibrahim

Overall, the ladies put a lot more work into their outfits than the men. Van Vicker and John Dumelo looked very plain, if you ask me. Nadia Buari (above picture from left) always comes to public events with a surprise. She always dares to take her hairstyles from curly to straight and in between. This full weaved Afro is a great look for her, yet very toned down. Not sure if toning down is a smart move to make to an award show, but Nadia looked neat. The hair completed brought an edge to the look.

We love Lydia Forson (second on the picture above) as a person and as an actress. She is that voluptuous positive naturhairlista (our definition of a woman who wears her natural hair lovely) and she is beautiful. Not sure about the outfit, though. We’ll leave that for you to judge. We do love the bun.

Yvonne Nelson, Nollywood’s Diva is looking all the way glamorous. Just like an actress should look at an award show. Juliet Ibrahim also didn’t hesitate to show her curves with a nice traditional dress(left).


Deborah Vanessa and Leonora Okine

Leonora Okine looked very appropriate for the occasion. Is it me, or does she look like Naturi Naughton in this pic? Deborah Vanessa(from the “Uncle Obama”song) looked chic. That dress resembles one of Mina Evans’s dresses.

Here are the pictures of the celebs that have blogs and website screaming:  ‘Ugliness’. There were a few personalities who appeared with a slight different gear. Probably not as appealing or fitting for a movie awards, but again, we will leave that for you to judge. We can look at what the personalities could do better.


Nana AKua (1st left) went all wrong, especially with the bald head and the make-up. With hair dos such as a bald-head, you should be careful. You should still be able to enhance the femininity. A bald head with a sexy body shaping dress would have probably worked better for her and also a more natural make-up would make her look less like a drag. Miss Barbie on the second pic went all wrong. The dress looks like it’s purchased from a cheap Indian wedding store. If you are going for a Barbie look, at least make it look high-fashion or very creative and crazy like Nicki Minaj does. Patience Ozorkwo (third from left) makes us think: “….. hmm those heels.” Shirley Frimpong would have probably done better with a long and more colorful dress. Just to add a spark and make it look less like she is going for a night out with colleagues from the office.

Photo credits: Ghanacelebrities

Our question is this: “What do you think of these looks?”



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