Get your Skin-tone lingerie with Nubian Skin

Nubian SkinIf you have not heard it by now, you might be missing out on a lot of relevant information you should know. This is to black women all around the world: there is finally lingerie available in our skin tones. Finding lingerie that suits our skin tones was quiet difficult for some time. I would always get mine in the States and even the ones purchased didn’t always match my skin colour precisely. Nubian skin is the new solution! The careful selected lingerie and hosiery brand has come up with the best black skin tone underwear for all our fabulous black ladies!

Nubian Skin 2Nubian Skin is founded by Ade Assan approximately four years ago. As she describes herself, she had a frustration with the lack of lingerie that blends with the skin tones of black women. Way to go Ade! This is an absolute fabulous invention with perfect marketing visuals. Time for ABINA to purchase some.

Watch the behind scenes video below.



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