Friday Jam with new single by Dice Ailes

Dice AilesDice Ailes is a new Canadian based Nigerian Afrobeats artist who keeps dropping music ABINA likes alot. He recently dropped a new single, called Telephone, which can be described as a vintage African sound with a modern spin. The record talks about Dice coming across an attractive lady and putting his best game forward to get her number. It turns out the lady in question is her cousin. And the rest of it, you should hear on the track. In Dice’s own words: “She was my cousin. She knew all the while and allowed me to use up my dopest bars. The floor could have opened up to save me, but it chose not to…” That sounds like a sensational storyline. 

Listen to Dice Ailes’s new single, Telephone on Hulkshare.

Watch the making of Telephone below.



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