Friday Jam with Emma Nyra, Chase and Vanessa Mdee

Emma NyraAs the second quarter of the year has begun, new songs have been popping up. The first we like to share is,  Anything for Love, a love song by Lioness Oyinbo featuring Emma Nyra, a new artist with a very inspiring story. We’re also excited to announce The video of the song fire by Chase which is not your average bottle-popping video, but rather a semi-animated video. Lastly, a dance floor moving song by Vanessa Mdee with her single Hawajui.

Lioness Oyinbo ft Emma Nyra – Anything for Love

It’s one thing to be Norwegian and put out a song in Nigeria, be signed to a Nigerian label and make Afrobeat music. But what’s even more impressive is to be blind and bring out  a jolly song like Anything for Love. Such is the case of Lioness Oyinbo. Anything for love is a passionate love song that will have you sing along immediately.

Chase – Fire

Fire is a song I have heard often, but did not realise it was of Ghanaian R&B-singer, Chase. After his single Boozeman Anthem ft Mugeez, we had not expect Chase to be going for this sound, which has a more international sound if you ask us. This is a pleasant surprise of which we like to see more.


Vanessa Mdee – Hawajui

Vanessa Mdee is Tanzanian multi-talent. She is a singer-songwriter, radio/television host and youth activist. Nigerian stars often take a lot of the limelight. But this Tanzanian beauty is having her stand with this track and we love it. We don’t often hear music from Tanzania, but this definitely leaves us wanting more.

Have a great weekend!



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