Friday Afro tune with Itz Tiffany and Guru

Itz Tiffany

This be no insult. But I think this is the first time whereby I am watching a Ghanaian video with vixens that look good: no crazy weaves, not too much make-up and a wardrobe that aligns with today’s fashion. Not that I would appear in a video wearing the same, but the ladies look gorgeous. I am speaking of Guru (popularily known from Boy’s Abr3) latest video Pooley.  Guru is not taking his hands of this Al Qaeda music thing just yet. And from the sound of it, I don’t think fans are getting any tired either. Another lady in the Ghana music scene, Itz Tiffany, released her first single Spanner under Fuse ODG’s label Off Da Ground. I love the track. Itz Tiffany bringsand the right fashion to the video. All love!

Guru – Pooley

Itz Tiffany ft ODG Fuse – Spanner



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