For the non-autotune, heartfelt soulful Afro music-lovers: Fredy Massamba in concert

Fredy MassambaIt’s been a while since I heard of an African artist come to give a FULL performance in the Netherlands Live. Yes, I’m giving shade to them Afro artists that came all the way, had people paying sums of money for VIP seats and then perform for 10 minutes (whispers Wizkid). Not on this one, at least I hope. Fredy Massamba presents: a release tour of his new album ‘Makasi’ in Amsterdam. And you know what? I am among his opening acts ;).

Fredy Massamba is a Belgium based, Congolese Afro urban artist. His music is a blend of soul, funk and hip hop. If you favor good live music and Hip Hop with an African feel, you’ll love this one. His new album called Makasi, which means ‘Power’ in Lingala will be showcased by Fredy Massamba alongside his band.

Me and my band: Chords N’ Glory are among his supporting acts. It is of great pleasure to share the stage with an artist that delivers quality music. Curious to find out how I sound like, click hereFredy Massamba

Fredy Massamba’s album release performance will take place at the Sugarfactory at Lijnbaansgracht 238, 1017 PH, Amsterdam.

Show starts at 9.






Watch Fredy Massamba’s performance below.

Visit Fredy Massamba’s website here

See you there.



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