‘Finura’ a new collection from Mina Evans

We posted earlier about Ghanaian fashion designer, Mina Evans-Amfom and her fashion brand Mina Evans. She then launched the collection called Terra  Ferma, which we found absolutely lovely. For real, we don’t just call fashion brands lovely to draw your interest. Mina Evans clothing actually carries an elegance which can be worn by women of any type of background. If you love to wear elegant and sophisticated clothing that still show your shape, the Mina Evans collections are perfect for you. Not to forget that she just launched her latest collection called ‘Finura’, which is Spanish for ‘finesse’, at the Tigo Glitz Fashion week in Accra, Ghana.  She also upgraded her website, which looks fantastic. The fashion line has class and sophistication written all over it. View the full collection below.

The Finura collection mostly consists of the colors navy blue, coral and white. The coral shades are soft, which gives it a romantic feel against the navy colors. She also included her signature look, which is the fringe beading. The overall collection is good to be worn to events like dinners, parties and galas. That is the overall feel that ABINA gets from the ‘Finesse’ collection. We also love the design of her website. She enhances the shape of a woman. We love it all the way.

A lot of African designers have not made their mark online. As in, they don’t always have their own website or look book. Sometimes it’s hard to find anything about an African designer online. But the way Mina Evans showcases her brand online it is so refreshing. I would advise more designers to take note from this. The Online world has become ridiculously important. It isn’t the core of someone’s fashion product, but it can attract buyers, clients and more. I hope we will African designers will work on this ASAP.

Below are the pictures we received from Mina Evans personally from the Finura collection.

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