Discover the PEARL in you: two days of fashion and entertainmet at Pearl, The Multicolor event

Pearl multicolor eventSaturday the 19th of October till Sunday the 20th, PEARL, also introduced as The multicolor event will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands at the Jaarbeurs. It’s been quite some time since there has been an event full of fashion, music, lifestyle and entertainment focused on men and women from multicultural backgrounds. And I am more than happy to see the brain behind this event being an entrepreneurial woman: Amy Scholten. Alongside her organizing team, Amy is promising PEARL to be not just an event, but an inspiring and empowering one that is.

Let me explain this. When an event is organized at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, trust me gal it’s quiet serious. Not the kind of events we have ran into at times. Like being promised  that a well known model like Bre Scullark will show up, while she was cancelled. If you are curious about what I am talking about, read it on Cosmos and Lipstick here.

PEARL event will hold a fashion show, music performances, hair and beauty demonstrations, demo listening sessions, stand-up comedy, a beauty pageant for both male and female. Yes!  So all of you who are located in the Netherlands, get your behind there! You don’t even have to live nearby. I have announced it today and you just plan yourself a good weekend or day to PEARL event. Remember that you deserve to have a good time. So get your behind there! And of course ABINA will be there alongside our camera making pics of the most fashionable and giving you details about everything. Read the full program here .

Tickets to the PEARL event cost 25 EUR per person. Here’s the deal people: if you place an order of 5, the tickets will cost you 15 EUR per person. That’s a good deal! We’ll keep you posted on PEARL event and I hope to see you there. 😉Pearl the multicolor event

Get your tickets here.

Visit PEARL’s their websiteTwitter and Facebook.



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