Where Fashion & Music meets: Fashion Weekend Ghana at Alisa Hotel in Accra, Ghana

It's Fashion Ghana weekendThis is my current state: Happy that I am not spending my Christmas in the north European cold. With that said, it’s time for another fashion tropical adventure in the Ghana. Coming Saturday the 21st, Fashion Weekend GH takes place at the Alisa Hotel in Accra. It is promising to be a GOOD day of fashion and music. Of course ABINA will be present to capture the highlights of the day.

The expected music line-up is Shatta Wale, Chemphe, NaturalFace, Jupitar and Richie. I know Shatta Wale is HOT right now. He has that dancehall vibe to his songs. I personally love his sound. I am looking forward to that.

ABrantie Gentleman post

Abrantie Gentleman at Glitz Fashioni Week in Accra, Ghana,

The runway line up will be: Sa4a, Selina Beb, Abrantie the Gentleman, Madlyn Mode. I love me some Sa4a. On images that is. I wanted to purchase one of their items and I contacted them. They replied asking me where they would have to ship to. I got no response further. I don’t understand with some of our fabulous African designers. Like, don’t you want to sell? So I have found myself another bag I really like. Too bad! But S4a is fabulous, though! We discovered Abrantie the Gentleman at Glitz Fashion Week in October. We really love his designs. He has got the designs that Africans here and in the Diasporas would wear. It is a brand that is definitely cut out for the ones with a chic taste, who love to make a good impression with their fashion, without going overboard. Abrantie Gentlemen is just Fabulous!

I am looking forward to this! For more information, you may contact them on the following numbers:

(+233) 0275569215 and 0244 739204

Let’s look forward to a website next time. I will be giving you all the details live. See you then.



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