Reasons why we love Solange

We always mentioned that we love Solange Knowles, Beyoncé’s younger sister, since she changed her look to this Afrocentric style. I mean, we loved her on that record ‘Tony’, but now even more. She exchanged the long wavy weave for Afro extensions to enhance her natural look. Another reason why we love her is because she wears African and makes it look fantastic. Having proclaimed our love for this DJ and musician, led to emails with question: why? Therefore we felt like explaining.  

The first couple of appearances Solange did wearing African prints, she wore Boxing Kitten. A brand by an American designer called Maya Amina Lake, who uses African wax block prints in her collections. We have written about Boxing Kitten before. That brand is chic. Besides Solange, other world-known artists have appeared wearing Boxing Kitten. Though seeing these artists wearing African is not a direct benefit for Africa, but it’s lovely to see different interpretations of looks with African fabrics. Her latest video ‘Losing you’ shot in South Africa also kept it colorful and African themed.

The Big chop

Before creating that natural look after you’ve used chemicals on your hair, comes the big chop. Solange chopped hers off and it looked GOOD. Not everyone has the face for a short do, but Solange made it work. The chop created an edge for her. It also brought her a deal to represent hair care brand Carol’s Daughter as spokesperson for their multiracial ad campaign in 2011, which she eventually ended, because she was painted as this advocate for natural hair, which was not her intention.

The braids

Wearing braids is not new to Africans. I mean a trip back to Africa has most of us returning with braided hair. Solange took it back to the mainstream. With the mainstream I mean the American/worldwide entertainment industry. Think of it, she wore it, then Beyoncé wore hers, Brandy took it back to her signature mini twists and so on. When one goes, others follow. This ‘box braids’ took more black women by storm. Didn’t know they were called Box braids by the way. It must be an American term. According to Urban Dictionary the word ‘box’ derives from the braids braided from four strands and make the shape of a box.

The head wrap

We love how Solange wears her head wrap suited with a simple outfit that can work for any party celebration. We posted about the head wrap before in which she featured. Again, the head wrap is no new thing to Africans. It’s Solanges overall approach to making African elements to the mainstream and combining it with day-to-day fashion that we love.

Overall, Solange keeps it colorful, trendy and sophisticated. There aren’t many of her kinds in her industry. The majority love Rihanna’s fashion, which is no bad thing at all, because the Bajan Princess knows how to dress. The trend just becomes a little scary when there are thousands of young ladies looking like Rihanna, putting the same sorts of tattoos on as she is wearing. That is a little frightening to the younger generation, because not everyone is a superstar. Then again, that is what makes her a superstar, because everyone wants to be like that star. But that’s for another discussion. Solange’s look carries enough African inspired elements to make us love her more and more. Her music has that soulful groove that keeps jamming to our ears. Also, we love her EP called ‘True‘ We are definitely FANS.




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