Definitely hot: Lips on colour Dark!

Just when the fury red lip is no longer a taboo, but a fashion do, there is another trend on make-up that has changed with the season. That is the dark lip. I saw it on African-American shoe designer Vanessa Simmons, who rocked the purple dark lip with a fab look. And to bring some shock value to what you think is hot: bright lip is fantastic, but dark lip is hot for this season.

Of course Mac has a high range of colours, but buying a dark coloured pencil will also do the magic. The dark skin lip looks good on the dark and the light skinned ladies. Give it a try! Below there is a picture of supermodel Chanel Iman and model Jessica White with deep colours.

Mac cosmetics is probably that brand that just has every color at any time. Yung Rapunxel is Mac’s limited edition. It will probably be sold out, by the time you click on this link, but dark colors can also be applied with a purple lipstick and underneath a Chestnut pencil. Cyber is also a nice dark color. A Mac make-up artist advices especially dark women to test the colors, because there are purple tones that match our dark tones. As a result, the lipstick is applied, but it doesn’t look as strong as it should.

Chanel has the type of lipstick that when you apply it, that shade still wont come off after you have eaten, showered, kissed  your man, your mother and your kids. That stuff sticks like glue. Chanel offered a limited edition, Le vernis, together with a nail polish. The color looks great on dark tones! Alongside my friend and contributor Kiwi, the Black socialite, we travelled to a Chanel store in Paris to buy this color, because she purchased one in Amsterdam before. But when we arrived in Paris, they only sold the color in a duo. Bummer, big time. Another option is 109 Rouge Noir.
Sephora collection also offers a good dark lipstick. I recently purchased a deep red lipstick Courtisane Rouge 2152A R02 of Sephora collection. Chai, I loved it right away. That lipstick makes love to your lips. The shade has a deep tone, the lipstick has a good moist and it stays on long. Also, it doesn’t pick up any breadcrum or hairpiece that comes across your lips. To me, it’s a good lipstick.
Another advice from MAC-make up artist is: “In terms of the intensity of the dark lipstick, depends on you. A gloss can make your lips look bigger. Black women are blessed with full lips. Some have them really full. Estelle-full. I would recommend these women to tone it down with the gloss and rather choose for a matte cover.” 
Also Nars has Fast Ride and Scarlett Empress as deep colors and Kiko has a good variety of dark shades



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