Creativity and Kente with Trine Lindegaard

If we had to show you how a marriage between Kente, sportswear and hipster wear would look like, we believe Trine’s Lindegaard’s Spring/Summer 2013 projects it magnificently. The S/S collection suits the daring and those who have preference for unique combinations of colours and textiles. This Kente collection is enough to catch our attention!
Here’s a fascinating story about a collection partially wefted in Ghana. 

Trine Lindegaard is a Danish born fashion designer. She initially studied industrial pattern cutting and manufacturing at Istituto Carlo Secoli in Milan, Italy. She pursued her education further in England and graduated from the Royal College of Art with a MA in menswear.

She got fed up doing womanswear at a certain point and decided to step outside that comfort zone. She embarked on menswear because it was challenging which she thoroughly enjoyed it from the very start. Her graduate collection received accolades from and other international press.

She started her own label called Trine Lindegaard briefly after graduating. Lindegaard’s approach to menswear is labelled to be colourful, yet light-hearted and playful simultaneously. She achieves this through the use of bold embellishment, innovative textile techniques and her multiple experiments with shapes and silhouettes.

For her new Spring/Summer 2013 (S/S13) collection, the designer drew inspiration from the Ghanaian Kente cloth. The use of Kente initiated as a small project whereby a couple of scarfs where turned into garments. The positive reception led to the decision to turn it into a full collection. She came in contact with the cloth at the African Market in London which is situated next to her residence.


Trine Lindegaard is now working with a family-run fabric weaver in Accra, Ghana which has been producing Kente fabrics since 1968. She made it her objective to support the Ghanaian fabric weavers, thus she struggled in her course of finding the right people who could cope with the production quantities as well as being part of the project for positive reasons.

For the S/S13 collection she was given a huge selection of Kente fabrics which she used throughout the entire collection. There was no input from her with regards to the development of the colours. It was all about laying emphasis on the already existing fabrics and utilizing the materials in a contemporary manner. e.g.  by using a lot of technical and sportswear fabrics to give a contrast to the rich traditional Kente materials and by so doing, creating something which would appeal to both Western and African men. She defines the collection as “a colourful collection that celebrates the traditional craftsmanship of Ghanaian fabric weavers whilst adding some sporty elements”

Trine Lindegaard Fall/Winter 2013 sketches and photo

For the Autumn/Winter 13/14 collection she did had the opportunity of having more influence on the colours and patterns and developed the fabrics in collaboration with the Ghanaian weavers. Given the geographical distance between her (London, England) and the weavers (Accra, Ghana) the colours didn’t turn out precisely as she had imagined. Nevertheless, she sees it as the part of the beauty of working with people far away from home.

The S/S13 collection celebrates creativity to the zenith. Regardless, there is a doubt within me whether the young men of today will embark on this attire. Don’t get me wrong the sweatshirts are proper though and I might replace one of the Kente shorts with my swim shorts but that is just about it. Then again, those that fancy a Chris Brown fashion taste, would fancy it.

The S/S13 collection will be available at Other Shop, 39-39 and The Unconventional.
These are all based in the UK with online shops which ship overseas.

 Other Shop 

3939 SHop

The Unconventional

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