Coming weekend: Black Fashionweek á Paris

Coming week from Thursday the 4th of October till the 6th of October, Blackfashionweek is taking place in Paris, France! Since we will be on the frontline watching, we thought it will be worthwhile to share this event. Blackfashionweek will showcase dfashion collections from designers from African Diasporas. There are designers listed on the program from different African countries, such as Morocco, Senegal and more, who will showcase Haute African fashion. Amongst the founders of Blackfashionweek is Adama Paris. We covered her earlier in an article called Afro kini. We are excited to see what more Adama has in store for us.

The organizers of Blackfashionweek are a group of young stylists and fashion designers formed by Adama Paris. The goal of Blackfashionweek is to showcase different aspects of African Haute Couture in major cities. Since Paris is world’s capital of Fashion, it will be held in the center of the city in Pavillon Cambon Capucine, 46 rue Cambon 75001. So if you are around the area, don’t hesitate to stop by. A ticket is 30 euro per day.

There will be noted fashion designers who will showcase their work, like South African fashion designer Thula Sindi, Angolan designer Carla Silva, Lisete Pote, Zacometi’s mens wear and more.

On Thursday the 4th of October, the fashion week will kick off with the Black & Gold Party. The fashion show on the 5th and the 6th of October will start at 6 o’clock.

For the detailed program, visit the Blackfashionweek website 

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