Chrisette Michele wearing Kente and Trina wearing a chic dress by D. Piper twins

peek a boo

Okay, so I stole a picture from Instagram, because I spotted the lovely talented Chrisette Michelle in a Kente top while performing in Brooklyn. Chrisette always looks good of course and I definitely love the Marley braids on her! Also, I spotted Trina wearing a chic dress. Find out which fabulous African sisters are responsible for dressing Chrisette in a cute top and Trina in a chic dress.  

Bre in Peek-a-boo shirt

Topmodel Bre Scullark wearing D. Piper twins’ Peek-a-boo shirt. Source: D. Piper twins Facebook page

D. Piper twins is a fashion brand founded by twins named Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper. The twins, who are Caribbean and Ghanaian of origin, are definitely working their way up with their collections. One of their fashion items, the Peek-a-boo shirt is kind of making a trademark. Having spotted topmodel Bre Scullark and now Chrisette in their lovely top, I couldn’t help but to share it with you guys.

I love the top. It’s very simple, but has an own edge, because of the ‘peek-a-boo’ and I love the name also. Get the looks here.

Also, rap star Trina wore one of their dresses, named the Fatima dress. The dress is so Trina and it looks perfect on her body too. Celebrity Stylist Julian Lark is responsible for this lovely look. Bless him.




Fatima dress Trina D. Piper

Trina in D. Piper Twins Fatima dress

Get the Fatime dress here.

fyi: these pics are not owned by ABINA. They’re from instagram and D Piper twins’ website. I don’t posess other man’s pictures, me no want Walhalla oooh. 😉

Enjoy your day!



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