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Belinda van der Stoep

Belinda van der Stoep: Happy New Year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We’ll at least it should be. But last year I wasn’t feeling the holidays spirits. Maybe it’s the fact that I actually had to work throughout Christmas and couldn’t even attend a dinner with …
Bino and Fino

Meet Africa’s Answer to Disney: Bino and Fino,

A Cartoon Celebrating Children’s Diversity The face of children’s entertainment is changing with Bino and Fino, a ground-breaking cartoon which is now in its second season. By celebrating diversity, African parents and those of Caribbean and African descent are finally seeing the …

Have a FAB 2014, dear AFRICA

To all ABINA-readers, we wish you an awesome Christmas and a Happy New Year! I enjoy Christmas, because it reminds me of a grace given to me as a Christian. At times people, who celebrate Christmas totally forget why it is celebrated …