Zuvaa.com is launched and partners with ABINAonline

ZuvaaZuvaa.com, a new international online African Fashion store with affordable African wear, was officially launched on the 1st of May. The love for Zuvaa.com is great. And it’s refreshing to see an African Fashion website that actually has multiple clothing in stock while selling them for affordable prices. Some African Fashion brands tend to be quiet expensive. Zuvaa shows the difference. ABINA is gladly announcing partnership with Zuvaa. Zuvaa will be included in ABINA’s Style & Buy. And our editor-in-chief, Augustina will contribute an inspiring article every week.

The first article for Zuvaa.com, is The Wardrobe of a Diaspora Girl. Augustina explains the type of fashion that inspire millions of African women around the world, who the Diaspora Girl is and which designers to lookout for. In case you wonder what a Diaspora girl is about, read it on Zuvaa.com.  

Make sure you visit Zuvaa.com and join the community.




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