Black fashionweek Paris recap TWO

Blackfashionweek was too fantastic to cover in one post. ABINA did not want to leave you bored with a long article, that’s why I chopped it up in pieces. We captured the fashion show, we networked and we also captured the highlights of the fashion show. Some visitors and personalities were really wearing striking looks. As for the last, that is for part three. This part gets into more of the designers which showcased their looks which we love best. Martial Tapolo, Thula Sindi, Karim Tassi and Soucha’s collections are covered in this post. 

The next designer was Mama Fa Gueye Ba from Senegal. She reminded me of Whoopi Goldberg, and so did her collection. Her collection was elegant and a bit theatrical and she used more dark colors such as brown, gold and dark red. It wasn’t particularly my taste, because it reminded me of Africa fashion of 10 years ago. You know, where they used brown colors ‘a lot.’ Not my taste. The designer reminds me of Whoopi, because she also has the dreadlocks as Whoopi and the jacket she was wearing was a motorbike jacket with fringe. She also did something interesting at the end. She and her models held their fists up in the air. I wonder what that’s about.

Martial Tapolo from Cameroun came hard! His was collection was rocker’s chic. The overall colors were black (which I love) and the details were edgy and ruff. His designs reminded me of Grace Jones. If you are to purchase one of his clothing, you might want to consider leaving bra’s aside, because his looks are all bra-less.

Thula Sindi from South Africa showcased his collection on Saturday. Thula Sindi has been in the industry for a while. I rain into him during cocktail. I believe he is one of the designers that have gotten most of the world recognition as an African designer. Especially within the last 5 years in which the development of African fashion has been rapid.

Did I forget J Cheikh from USA?!!  How can her showcase be forgotten? J. Cheikh showscased her line for men. Chai! Her models were the finest. There was this lady on the frontline who almost grabbed some of the models, because they were handsome to the bone. Not to forget, the team that founded J Cheikh is a husband and wife team: Cheik Lam and Sophie Lin. The whole collection screamed luxury.

Karim Tassi from Morrocco, Thula Sindi from South Africa, Soucha from Egypt showcased on Saturday.

After the shows, there was cocktail for press. We had a chance to network and we met lovely people. I think the whole intention Blackfashionweek came across perfect. It really showcased what Black/African designers do. It wasn’t just a showcase, but also e celebration of African culture and fashion. Everyone who came got a good impression of what Africans do. There weren’t only designers, but also event organizers, writers, journalists, bloggers and more. We captioned a great show, we networked, we also captioned nice ‘streetstyle’, which we will post in a next post ánd we pushed ABINA more to the forefront. We will definitely be on more events. I am excited for what lies ahead for ABINA.

Watch the clip of BlackFashionweek Paris below

Runway Photos by Nicolas Roman




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