Guess the African artist on Beyonce’s record Grown Woman


So while Beyoncé’s visual album went viral on Itunes, we noticed aside from the collaboration with Chimamanda Ngozie, another collaboration with an African artist. This time it is on the song Grown Woman. While Queen Bey makes her declarations of being independent, responsible and grown, we could not help but to hear the Afrobeat influences. We will unveal with whom this collaboration is. Also, the video of Grown Woman is obviously inspired by Omawumi. We will show you the resemblances.  

Ismael Koyaté

Beyoncé Grown Woman

Ismael Kayoute and Waraba band

The artist that features on Grown Woman is Ismael ‘Bonfils’ Kouyaté, a singer and dancer born in Corakry, Guinea. Ismael Kouyaté now lives and teaches in New York City and made his Broadway debut with the musical FELA! While performing on Broadway, he met with soul-funksters Alex Harding and Adam Klipple to form the Ismael Kouyate: Waraba Band. An extraordinary 11-piece African singing and dancing band that combines soul grooves with African rythms. Read Ismael’s full bio here. 

Ismael Kouyaté is one heck of a talented guy. While listening to his music, it takes me back to my younger years, when every year we visited African Festival in Delft, the Netherlands. Ismael makes sweet music and what an energy he brings to the stage! Watch how Ismael Koyaté rocks the stage in the video below.

Americans reaching new borders

There is no denying that American artists look beyond their borders to stay innovative. And todays stars don’t come from American soil only (look at Rihanna, Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj-sort of- and Adele). After having seen Omawumi’s video Somori. I am now convinced even the queen Bey does some copying of her own. Watch the videos below.

Should Omawumi feel flattered? Is this Beyonce’s oath to African music? Hmm.. What do you think?

Omawumi ft Remy Kayz – Somori 

Beyoncé – Grown Woman



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