Beyonce Grown Woman song with an African blend

Beyonce grown Woman with African blend

Okay, all the blogs are posting Beyoncé’s Grown Woman song, because it’s Beyoncé of course and it’s a jolly song. ABINA doesn’t publish any of the mainstream, because 1000 of blogs do that already. But we thought Grown Woman was worth sharing, because come to listen to the full song. We noticed Afro Pop towards the end! Who is this African artist? 

To be honest, I was a bit aggitated that Mrs. Carter performed Grown Woman in Paris, but not in Amsterdam. I don’t understand these Americans and they’re thing with Paris. Last Train to Paris, N*gg*s in paris, yeesh. Any way.

beyonce performing grown woman African song

There’s no denyng that Mrs. Carter is on top of her game. I believe Beyoncé has been able to do this, because she has been able to brand herself in fashion (Dereon, H&M), food (Pepsi),  cosmetics (Lóreal) and more. She admits it in this track: “I got a cute face and a booty like that” and hey, she does. It takes more than a voice these days to stay consistent and Mrs. Carter has the whole package and professional attitude. Even though the sales of her previous album ‘4’ wasn’t as good as Dangerously In Love,  Beyoncé has the goods to stay on TOP. I mean the whole ‘BEY’ word is becoming a household term. Within a year we’ll be writing BEY-you and stuff. Thát without an album. I applaud this woman all the way! As an artist and as fashion lover. I love how she is diving in her African roots and blending Afro pop with her music.

I am emailing and making calls to figure out which African artist that is at the end of the song. It sounds like Mangala Camara, but then again I have no idea who the vocalist is. It could be Congolese or from Mali. I WILL be back with that info. Afrobeats, Afrohouse and AfroPop are slightly taking over the mainstream. It’s even capturing Mrs. Carter. I love this!

Have a listen:

I just noticed that the track on Soundcloud isn’t playing anymore. Watch the performance of Grown Woman here.



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