Belinda van der Stoep: When Insomnia kicks in  

Belinda vd stoepRandom thoughts at approximately three in the morning! I call it insomnia. Some call it plain dysfunctionality. Well, get on my level, I guess. 

My lazy ass

What is it with me liking all those BBW on Instagram while eating sweets, salts and crackers while lying in bed? Wishing I could have their body someday. I should get off my lazy ass. My weighing scale keeps giving me the same numbers for years. Even though i believe I’ve lost tremendous weight. I think I might have brainwashed myself.

Grown men

Why do I still keep wondering if he’s still dating that girl? Clearly I could ask. But that would be none of my business though. Would it now!

I keep saying yes to guys I don’t see myself dating AT ALL. Loooooolll!

Really, what is the difference between a white guy and a black fella? Aren’t they ALL dogs, I mean Men! (smiley face)

Why oh Lord am I so picky. One day I’ll end up regretting I let his ass go.

I keep telling myself that I look young. That’s the reason why I’m not being approached by ´grown´ men. I´ve got a baby face, I know. But dude, I’m almost twenty-six yo!

At what age do you stop being recklessly (just made that word up) sexually active. At twenty five you are definitely a grown up. You should find yourself a spouse and have some sweet lovemaking. Other than that, you should sit your ass at home and text your girl about how long it has been. Cause you know her ass single too (shaking my head).


Why can´t I find interesting things to post on Instagram. I know I’m just going to get seventeen of my followers to like because my ass of tits aren’t out and about!

Why do I keep seeing the same girls I dislike on social media while I’m not following them? Obviously they keep on popping up because they’re friends with the girls I do fuck with. But can a girl get some chill over here?

Love those box braids, ladies. But that shit is going to make me look sixteen!! No thanks, i’ll pass.

I don’t wear heels for fun. Like none of y’all THOTS are. Y’all be struggling and getting some corns on your feet to end up being ‘claimed’ by someone you met in the club while dancing on Beyoncé’s Single Ladies. I salute y’all. But once again I’ll pass.

Natural Hair

What is this sudden movement about this natural hair and big chop craze? I almost feel like I’m a part of the illuminati for loving wearing long weave. And don’t even get me started about insecurities. You really believe Naturalistas don´t have any worries, don´t freak out or have their period at all? Just because of their kinky hair? Like please, am I less of a Nubian QUEEN because of the way my hair looks?

Can a black girl even be compared with a light skinned chick or is that a whole different new ball game?

Sister Girls

Why have i lost all hope when it comes to sister girls from wherever putting their heads together and creating a change. Call me a pessimist, but we’re a long way from Freetown my G. We can’t keep staying in clicks forever!!

You know how many times I’ve tried to call a sister girl out for the great work she be doing. I always end up feeling like I’m the creep stalking her for her attention. Black people ain’t going nowhere if you ask me.

Especially if we can´t give or receive a compliment!


Does it make me less black when I don’t have an opinion about every little damn thing that has to do with Africa and the race of Black Pete.

Damn, still got to watch hidden colours. But am I really ready for the truth?

Okay. So I’m going to make an attempt to close my iPod and catch some sleep and wake up around twelve, wishing I woke up earlier to go to the gym, while starting up my laptop to watch the latest episodes to my favourite series.

Last random thought: I should probably start watching Scandal soon, simply to kill the boredom. And be a part of the hype *contemplating*

No I’m aight!!  *closes iPod*


Belinda van der StoepBelinda van der Stoep is the newest addition to our contributing team. Belinda is a 25-year old Dutch based Ghanaian actress and vocalist. She is popularly known from various Dutch series and films like Van God Los, Alleen Maar Nette Mensen, The Domino Effect and more. She is a perfect example of an African in the Diaspora who is successful and making a good name for herself. Her lovely personality and talents made her a writer for ABINA. Every month, Belinda writes a column for ABINA on her career and personal life.

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