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shero sweater whiteI am not likely to share anything relating to my music on Abina Online. Primarily because Abina showcases the writer and the fashion-lover in me and my music focuses solely on my music. That includes all platforms involved. But I just have to share with you guys what I have been working on. Two weeks ago, I dropped the video of my first single SHERO online. The single, which is about the value of a good woman who is in a relationship with a good man, has a whole movement attached to it: SHERO tees.

I wrote Shero because I felt like celebrating women who have influenced my life in many positive ways. Being raised by a single mother, I reached a certain age where I noticed something very heroic about my mother and about all women from my environment. The same counts for women who are married and have been in their marriage for years, supporting their families, husbands and more. That heroic lifestyle and state of mind made me realize that there’s no way that a good man can do without this type of woman. That heroic attribute just inspired me to write this single.

SHERO t-shirts and sweats

When I wrote it, I kept in mind that it had to an unforgettable song, that’s why I repeatedly mention SHERO in the song. Being a Christian I took an inspiring scripture from Proverbs 31 and started writing from that perspective. Having said all that, SHERO is my way of celebrating valuable women all around the world. That includes you! I have started a movement celebrating all hard working, strong, loving, valuable, loyal and just heroic women with SHERO merchandise.

SHERO tees are available in black, white and red. SHERO sweats are available in white, grey and blue. Send in your order to Payment is possible through Paypal.

Interested in the song? Have a look.

Augustina – SHERO



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