Another Oktober another fashion week: Black Fashion Week Paris

Black Fashion WeekAs I am typing this article, the suspense is already killing me. Black Fashion Week Paris is getting ready for her second edition and it’s starting on Friday the 4th of October till Sunday the 5th of October. Thé Fashion Week that showcases fashion from designers with African roots will showcase collections from the likes of Adama Paris (also the organizer), Martial Tapolo, Elie Kuame and more

As we were present at Black Fashion Week last year, we enjoyed it to the fullest. All types of collections were showcased on the runway from talented Black designers who each have amazing collections. Read last year’s review here. We had some favorites, which we know will be present. Also there will be new designers who will showcase their art.

Adama Paris, who I think is one busy talented fashion designer (lol), is the brain behind Black Fashion Week. Black Fashion Week is a concept which goes beyond just Paris. The event is also held in Montreal. One day, One day, we’ll be at that event. Cause what I am seeing from Youtube, Black Fashion Week Montreal seems even more awesome.  I tell you, if you can go to Black Fashion Week, get your ticket. Cause it’s inspirational and just absolutely fabulous, from the location to the music. Last year, the shows didn’t start precisely on time, but that is to be considered, since a show has full effect when the seats are full. So African time is applied a bit ;).

All I got to say is: Can’t wait.

And uuhm… Where is Laqauan Smith at, though? I need me some Laquan on that runway!

For tickets, visit their website.

And watch what you missed last year.

Black Fashion Week in Montréal, Canada.



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