Ankara Fest LA: a celebration showcasing African fashion and culture

Ankara Fest LAAnkara Fest LA is a name I have never heard about before. But you know it drew my attention once I noticed the word ‘Ankara’ and that Miss Dunnieo, special events producer and publisher, is involved in organizing the event. It’s lovely how she is doing things in photography, events and entertainment, celebrating African culture. Time for an event on the other side of the ocean! On September the 27th till the 28th Ankara Festival Los Angeles will show us more of what African fashion is made of.  

Ankara Fest LAAnkara Fest LA is a celebration of African culture. It was created in 2010 to increase the visibility of modern African fashion, music, dance and food. Ankara Fest LA attracts fashion lovers, music lover, fashion buyers and of course media. Also it will give the opportunity for African designers to network and expand their business. So African designers who are on the west coast of USA, get ur behind there!

For enquiries, tickets and more, visit their website or you can stay updated via Facebook and/or Twitter.

Watch their video below.And how the event went about last year, here.



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