Ankara prints are now available in chiffon fabrics

Ankara in ChiffonIf you are one to frequently have clothes sown by a seamstress or taylor, you will know that Ankara in a smooth fabric, like satin or chiffon is difficult to acquire. If you were looking for a softer type of Ankara print, we have some good news for you. For decades, the fabric known as ‘Ankara’ was only available in cotton. But thanks to the G321 fabric makers, you can now place orders for Ankara Chiffon. The different prints embody vibrancy and elegance. Order yours now for the spring 2016 spring summer collection.

G321 can also print your designs for you that will be unique to your own collection (a minimum order is required for this). For more info or to place an order, email:

View the rest of the fabric types below.



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