Ankara alert: Tami Roman spotted in Midget Giraffe

Tami RomanOur Ankara alert went off when we spotted the beautiful Tami Roman in an Ankara suit from Midget Giraffe. The Pantsuit is just fabulous. The suit, which is called the Cubix is suitable for a church Sunday, dinner ánd even an afternoon shopping. Do you need this outfit as bad as I do? Then you need to read further. 

We always emphasize how significant it is for fashion brands that use African fabric, to have signature designs. We are convinced that Midget Giraffe is a signature fashion brand on its own. Its style is edgy, refreshing a little vintage here and there and that is what makes it to stand out.

The Cubix pant suit costs $130 and it is available  via and via Big Cartel.

If you want a pantsuit with a different print. We suggest you try the following (from left to right):

Jaded Pantsuit 

Hexagon pantsuit

Jigsaw pantsuit

Midget Giraffe Tami Roman




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