Angela Simmons wearing custom-made MO SAÏQUE Shoes

MO SAÏQUEIt is pretty obvious that we like Angela Simmon’s fashion sense. We haven’t discovered her stylist yet, but whoever is responsible for her styling has taken a dive in African fashion brands. Not too long ago she was spotted wearing a green custom made MO SAÏQUE shoe. As you can see, they are absolutely fabulous!


MO SAÏQUE is a shoe fashion brand created by Afua Dabanka. The German born and now London based Ghanaian designer created shoes drawing inspirations from her Ghanaian background combined with a strong influence of German designs. MO SAÏQUE shoes has been seen on the red carpets like Cannes Film festival, Verty Vogue Festival in London and more. MO SAÏQUE provides both custom made and ready to wear shoes. Read more about MO SAÏQUE shoes here.


Angela’s shoes is custom made, but there is another shoe available with that same fabulous green color: Hakuun’s shoe from MO SAÏQUE’s Miami Heat collection for 340GBP.



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