An African City fashion recap

An African CitySo we shared a new found love for An African City, a web series about 5 young African female friends, who are raised in the West and move (back) to Ghana. The webseries gives the world a look into the lives of young African modern women who work their way up in their careers and experience the good, bad ánd hilarious moments in love and friendship. I love the web series, because a lot of situations are very familliar. Like the peculiar experiences with the immigration service to having  uncles chasing you, because the want to be ‘just’ friends. An African City makes me miss home. Next to the amazing storyline, ABINA loves the fashion of these 5 women. ABINA couldn’t keep up with all fashion looks every week, so here are the looks we think you should see. 

Zainab wearing Osei Duro Linter top

The picture heading this article is of Ngozi and Zainab in Episode 4.  Ngozi(left) is wearing The Brigitte dress from Afrodisiac.  Zainab is wearing the Linter top by Osei Duro. Her Accessories are from Uknown Collections.

Nana Yaa’s Crop Top

An African City

Left: An African City’s actress Nana Yaa, played by MaameYaa Boafo wearing an Ankara crop top. Source: MaameYaa Boafo instagram. Left: Lady wearing Mimmy Yeboah. Source: Mimmy Yeboah instagram


Nana Yaa’s fashion is probably ABINA’s favorite. We found a  similar shirt as Nana Yaa is wearing. NYC based fashion designer,  Mimmy Yeboah makes these crop tops. Find Mimmy Yeboah on Instagram here.

ABINA had an interview with creator of An African City, Nana Amarteifio. Of which we will place the article next week. In the meantime, keep your eye on ABINAonline.

If you haven’t watched An African City yet, watch the first episode below.




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