African meets edginess with Midget Giraffe

Midget Giraffe Midget Giraffe is a US based fashion brand that we call African meets edgy. We spotted television stars like Tami Roman (known from Basketball Wives) and Ariane Davis (known from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta) wearing one of its collection and we fell in love right away. We love particularily the edginess of the brand. The interesting name intrigued us even more and we came in touch with the founders and couple; Linda & Corey. Find out more about the brains behind the brand.

ABINA: Who are you and where are you from?

Corey: “We are Linda & Corey. We are a couple that met awhile in college. Linda is from Imo State, Nigeria and I am born and raised in New Jersey, but my family is originally from the south.”Midget Giraffe

ABINA: How did the name Midget Giraffe come about?

Linda & Corey: “We often felt like we never quite fit in. Be it fashionably or because of our personalities. Hence, we thought a cool yet quirky oxymoron would capture the essence of who we are and make people wonder when they hear the name. Also, the aesthetic of our clothes blends (what would seem) very separate worlds together: fabrics from the East, yet we cut and style them with inspirations from the West.”

“Besides, have you ever seen a ‘midget giraffe?’ (Lol). We feel like many of the designs we create aren’t things that you’d see from designers or in retail every day.”

ABINA: When did you discover your sense of fashion?

Linda: “I always knew I had a fashion sense. But I really began embracing it during my freshmen year of high school. I began to notice it even more when people would make such comments as, “I never thought to pair those two together.”

Corey: “I’d always known I had fashion sense as well. But coming of age, I would be the first to have what ‘society’ and the ‘gatekeepers’ ordained as cool. By the time I became a sophomore in high school was when I truly began to tap into my personal style-boot fit, tapered jeans and tailored fit. Some people knocked it before they embraced. Then next thing I know, it seemed that those who would hate began emulating the style, lol.”

Midget GiraffeABINA: Why and how did you start a fashion line?

Linda & Corey: “We both have a great eye for what looks good and can put great pieces together. One of the many great things about Linda is that she can actually sew! Initially, we’d just create dope pieces for ourselves. But Linda had always known from the time that she was a little girl that she wanted to be a designer. I enjoyed fashion but didn’t know that I’d actually be a designer. We’d wear clothes we created for ourselves and people would always ask if they could purchase them. We decided that it was time to live our dream and created MIDGET Giraffe.”

ABINA: Who do you look up to as a designer?

Linda: “Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. Their designs tend to be well structured and bold.”

Corey:” Ozwald Boateng and Musika Frere. Both are black men with great fashion sense. Their designs are clean, straightforward, yet edgy and appropriate for both work and play.”

ABINA: How do you think African fashion has developed over the last years?

Corey:” In addition to culturally inspired fits, African fashion also has become very contemporary. The market has broadened A LOT. Formerly, African Fashion was a bit taboo to a lot of people who weren’t of African descent. Now, it’s highly sought after by many populations.”

ABINA: How would you best describe your collections?

Linda & Corey: “Classy, edgy, unique, statement pieces.”

ABINA: Where do you draw the inspiration from to create your collections?

Linda: “Oddly enough, we get color inspirations from going to Ikea (lol). We also get inspiration from looking at fashion from former decades i.e. 1920’s, -70’s, -80’s and -90’s. And also from some movies we’ve seen, i.e. Boomerang.”Midget giraffe

ABINA: What are the future plans for Midget Giraffe?

Linda & Corey: “To increase production (securing manufacturing deals), empowering young women to feel fearless, strong, and beautiful. Also, to provide sustainable development projects, renewable resources to marginalized villages in West Africa (Starting with Nigeria).”

ABINA: Are there any other projects which you are doing?

Linda: “We have a few things in the pipeline! (Lol). We also are interested in doing more partnerships. Not only within fashion. In 2016, we’d like to do a lot more networking!”

ABINA: What more do you want our readers to know?

Linda & Corey: “We’d just like to thank EVERYONE who supports MIDGET Giraffe! We appreciate you and we look forward to what’s to come!”

ABINA: Thank you for your time!

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