African female MC’s in the music scene

I don’t easily favor a lot of African MC’s, because they somewhat look like copies of American MC’s. I mean, I get that American music is very inspirational, but inspiration is not to copy. However, this morning I discovered an MC that has good rap game and can raps in 3 languages: English, Ghanaian (Twi) and in French. Supposedly she can rap in Spanish too, I must say, she is quite good. Watch the video ‘ Hands up’ ft Cambum below.

Fashion and Femcees

Most female Mc’s are known for being raw, outspoken and having sexual personalities.  Lousika falls in that category. I mean, that is what it takes to stand out in a male dominated industry like Hip Hop’s industry, or not? Look at Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Nicki Minaj. Not a lot of MC’s do it like Lauryn Hill or even Eve. I am not sure if the sexy look is Lousika’s perminant look or a move to draw attentions. Let’s wait and see.

Aside from fashion part, we’re proud to see African women succesfully pursuing the Hip Hop world. Last year’s BET Hip Hop awards Cypher showcased ‘Nigerian Queens‘  a good 4 minutes of talented Female Nigerian rappers spitting lyrics like CHAI.

Her video she brought out earlier ‘Boss Chick’, I think is not as good as her latter, but this is the type of MC you can put into a room of hardcore male MC’s and I’m sure she’ll deliver.

Her other track ‘Need your love’ featuring Sarkodie reminds me of Nicki, which is not too good of a thing. But I love that this MC is doing her thing. She is definitely someone to look out for.

What do you think; does she need that fashion to be relevant?

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