Africa Fashion Week London Streetstyle 2: From Ankara to Lace

Africa Fashion Week London

The reason why all these posts about Africa Fashion Week keeps coming up, is because one post would be too darn long. The people who attended looked good and a lot of GOOD designers showcased at the event. ABINA meets the streets at Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) hasn’t ended. The list of stylish gals and pals was endless. It’s a good thing that after our camera failed on us, uncle Ipad was with us to snatch the good looks and show you more of what we have captured. In our former post, we met up with Kiyana Styling and more people in Fashion. These ones are looking GOOD also. 

This adorable little girls’ Ankara outfit is too cute. I have no idea which brand she is wearing and it doesn’t matter. Cause she looks adorable and I will have my niece wear one! Way to go, little girl. AFWL

These lovely ladies wearing orange and yellow lace looks absolutely fabulous. Nigerians are mostly known for having a preference for laced styles. When traditional fashion is worn with lace, I normally don’t like it. Because the traditional styles mostly have no shape and it looks like loads of materials wrapped around your behind. But this, this creation is super chic. Lovely. Note: I don’t know if these lovely ladies are Nigerians. It’s just when colored lace comes to my mind, I think of Nigerian traditional wear.


These two ladies look lovely. I really love that top from the lady on the right. Their fashion looks comfy also. This outfit is lovely for a day to a festival, shopping. You know, for a nice easy day, yet with a sophisticated touch. Lovely.AFWL

AFWLI like the dress of this lady. It has this Vintage touch. And Lord knows I love vintage. Turns out this lady who’s all wrapped up in style is a fashion designer: Fragile Couture is the fashion line founded by Omatoya Taiwo (U.K, London) and she has more of where this came from.

Find her on InstagramFacebook  and Twitter.



This lady is ON IT! CHAi. Her dress is sexy, elegant and all in between. And the bun in combination with that lipstick color and her skintone……Challe, no be easy. And not to forget, she added matching sandals to the mix. Girlfriend looks GOOD. Ooh yeah and that bag. That make-up-box-type-of bag (My mum has one of those from back in her day). People, you can dress, when you’re able to take a look and add something unique or either take something simple and make it look so fresh. I would wear this. Gosh, I need to braid my hair!

Find the rest of the fashionable galz and palz we have run into. We’re already ready for the next event! Lets go.



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