Africa Fashion Week London Recap 2: What you don’t want to miss in your life again!

Africa Fashion Week London 2013The last day of Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) was a celebration. Designers like Rouge Vallado, Simeogieme, Arachnid Creations, Tiannah Styling, Zizi Cardow and more worked the runway on the last day of that week. From black leather to jolly designs marked with flower prints and satin fabrics, it was all present. You might want to find out which designer/stylist made some outstanding impressions by having her models run, dance, jump and scream on the runway and ending with a cute baby bump and matching sneakers. AFWL was no small thin! Find out why. 

Didi Creations

Didi Creations mostly showcased elegant long dresses, however the collection did switch to short styles eventually. It also showcased a lot of prints, lace and black feathers. I think Didi Creations will most likely be appealing to ladies from 25 years and up, because of the very chic, long and sophisticated styles.Didi Creations AFWL

Madamoiselle Anglaia

Madamoiselle Anglaia won last year’s AFWL young fashion designer of the year, I don’t know how the competition went last year, but I can definitely see why her collections are GOOD. It’s new, innovative, she makes use of glitters. Plus, I understand her collection:  it’s cohesive; the use of the colors makes sense. It looks neat and it has a signature look. I Love it.  Madameoiselle Aglaia AFWL

Arachnid creations

Arachnid has a very colorful collection. The collection carries colors which I don’t usually see. I see a little punk here and there. The details of the clothing definitely make the collection unique and the collection has a signature look for sure. To me, it’s slightly reminiscent of the Golden Age going futuristic. Arachnid Creations AFWL


Rouge Vallari 

Chic, cute, chic, cute, chic , cute and BEYOND! I would wear this.

Rouge Vallari AFWL

Tianah Styling

Tiannah Styling Africa Fashion Week LondonTiannah Styling is that stylist who styled Yvonne nelson for that sexy cover of Wow Magazine. Yvonne worked that cover, CHAI! Tiannah Styling showcased her Freedom collection. The name Freedom suits her collection to the max. Her collection reminds me of vintage. It carries a bold attitude and sassiness. While most fashion shows are walked by models with a calm tempo, this element was different. The models were doing sprints, screaming, dancing, and walking with attitude. No worries No care! They almost didn’t do the twirl. It was fun to look at. This energy on the runway suits the collection very well. Tiannah Styling also showcased loads of combinations of wardrobe.

I think u have to have the personality for her collections.You at least should have a fun personality. There was a moment of a little nudity. A specific dress a model was wearing was transparent and the model wasn’t wearing underwear underneath. You know how Africans be: watching and pointing with wonder and amazement. It’s the fashion, people, Get a grip! Her presentation was good. It showcased her to the max. She seems like a woman who doesn’t give an ounce of CRAP and you can sure tell from that runway show. And yes, she was the one who ended her showcase revealing her baby bump. After covering it for the whole of the fashion week. Congrats Tiannah! BTW, tyhe reveal is such a big thing, because the blogs and Anfrican media have been writing about her relationship with this younger man. If you want more info, google it. ABINA is no gossip site anyway. No cares if she’s in Cougar Town. The best of luck to her.

Tiannah Styling AFWL

Source pictures Tiannah Styling: LadyBrillemag


Simeogiem’s collection was jolly; there were a lot of prints combined with a little army here and there. Very nice. Some of the dresses are slightly reminiscent of those Herve leger dresses. Cute all the way. Watch my Instagram video from that collection here (Instagram video).

Simeogieme AFWL

Alicia mullings

I can’t really give a good description of Alicia Mullings’s collection, which is not a bad thing, because I love it. It was romantic, yet street and a little vintage. The collection reminded me of the 70’s a little. I think the collection is very youthful, elegant and the designer looked fab!

Alicia Mullings AFWL


The first thought that came to my mind with Dzyn was: dope. The collection showcased detail, especially with the buttons and that outfit with the green gave me chills. Darn, it looked good.



Zizi Cardow

A queen of an African country would wear Zizi Cardow. I heard Plack Panther will be filmed very soon, the actors should be styled in Zizi Cardow. CHAI. Zizi Cardow is futuristic and royal. The use of fabric went from satin to organza. Nice.

Zizi Cardow AFWL

The evening ended with good dancing. It was a good vibe all around. I enjoyed the fashion week fully. There were some designers who were really really good and which I had to miss. On the next post I will show you who I think those are. It was a darn good and fashionable weekend. I met great people and I enjoyed to the max! I got the memo they are about to organize a Nigerian Fashion Week. Amazing! Nigerians never take am easy. I think that’s worth writing about, you know: why Nigerians stand out. That is for another subject, though. FInd pictures of collections showcased on the evenening.

Have a blessed and fashionable week!

Runway photography by Nina Rose



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