Africa Fashion week Barcelona

Last year’s fall ABINA was given a wonderful opportunity to cover the first Blackfashionweek Paris and we had a blast. Now we are happy to anounce another event that is focusing on lifting up Africa’s fashion scene. African fashion and designers have developed their brand to such an extent that Africa Fashion week is held in more major cities, such as: New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, London and even in Amsterdam. Now, we are one of the first to announce that Barcelona will also hold an Africa Fashion week on 13-15th of June. We are excited! African fashion has experienced an enormous growth especially the last 5 years. To discover that more events as African Fashion week is taking place, brings joy to our hearts. Barcelona here we come!

Africa Fashion week Barcelona (AFWB) is initiated by SOS Africa. The fashion week is organized with the goal to promote African designers from around the world. The fashion week will consists of fashion shows, exhibitions and expositions from African designers. With this event, the organization intends to add Barcelona to the major cities that contribute to African fashion. Thus far, London and New York have been actively holding events to promote African fashion, due to the large African communities that are present in those cities. We don’t know how big the African communities are in Barcelone, but I believe we have yet to find out.

Barcelona is indeed a beautiful city and we believe it’s quiet unique to organize an African fashion week there. We have high hopes for the event.

Africa Fashion week Barcelona will be held on 13, 14, and 15th of June at Palau Robert, Centro de Information de Cataluna, paseo de Gracia 107, 08008 Barcelona, Spain. For more information visit their website or email to:

No announcement of participating designers yet, but we will be the first to announce, when we find out.  We’ll keep you posted!

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