Africa Fashion Week Barcelona Recap

Afwb 2013Last month ABINA went to the first edition of Africa Fashion Week Barcelona (AFWB) in the beautiful garden of Palau Robert. I had been so busy with wrapping things up for school that I hadn’t had the chance to complete our recap. But finally, here it is. AFWB kicked off on Thursday 13th of June and we captured the shows and enjoyed the African market at the location. Various African fashion designers showcased their collection in beautiful Barcelona. Find out which designers totally worked the runway and whom we think you should look out for. 

As a journalist and fashion lover I come to these fashion shows and of course I love how African fashion is booming. But I look at these collections from more of a marketing perspective. Are these designs going to sell? Can these collections stand a chance competing with major designers and be sold in international stores? And also, it’s important that your target group is apparent in your collection right away. I always keep these questions in mind, because fashion lines you showcase at fashion weeks must sell somewhere.

AFWB kicked off with a press conference on Thursday. The runway shows were in full effect on Friday and Saturday. Unfortunately I had to miss the press conference and the showcase on Friday, because I missed my damn flight. The fashion show took place in a beautiful garden. The weather was great. Good weather makes me as an African chick become so happy and I was enjoying the weather to the max. Here are the designers that stood out to me.

Mike Sylla

Mike Sylla..CHAI, has some nice designs. Look at the jackets, the style and the dresses. I hate to have missed Mike Sylla. Look at the pictures, the style tells it all. And that jacket/dress fit. I need that IN MY LIFE!! I see a very stylish woman wearing his collection. You know, that type of lady with the nose ring piercing and half shaved haircut. This is GOOD looking.

mike sylla post

Martial Tapolo

I have witnessed Martial Tapolo’s designs at the Blackfashionweek in Paris and he just delivers fabulous work. Black on Black and all beautiful! No be small thin. He makes the kind of fashion, Rihanna could wear to the red carpet.

martial tapolo afwb


Ewaiso had a different sense of style. Some of her designs I think were wearable and some weren’t, like the male outfit below. I think Ewaiso’s target group would be for the 35+ woman. She has a peculiar craft. Also she ended her showcase with a dance. Ewaiso is unique in her way.

Ewaiso AFWB

Tina Lobondi

Tina Lobondi’s collection was very chic. I could tell she used a variation of fabrics and made use of deep colors, plus she made great use of accessories. I would wear her collection to a dinner with the president.(View the photo gallery below). lol. The collection colours went from dark colored to orange. Her collection has elegance written all over it for young and older alike.

Tina Lobondi AFWB2013

Lily Alfonso

Lily Alfonso’s collection I think will do well in the African markets. She worked with leather jacket and combined it with African prints. I loved how she ended her showcase with a dancer. Her pictures are in the gallery below.

Ms Ray Couture

Ms. Anthonia did her thing. Like I said, her collection made me think of yacht life. I am not sure which market her designs would fit. But she did what she came to do: work the runway.

Nomi By Naomi

I told you guys I know Nomi By Naomi She is a Dutch based designer. What I love about her is especially her accessories. It’s dope, rough yet classy. Her collection is definitely marketable. It’s no suprise she also showcased at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. Go Nomi!nomi post

The Africa Fashion Week Barcelona was good, especially for their first edition. The location was perfect. It showcased a lot of what Africa is made of. At first, I didn’t think there was a large African community there, but it there is. Not as big as Paris, London or NYC, but it’s enough to organize a fashion week. Another thing I love about us Africans is that we always find a way to celebrate something with dancing and good music. I mean, that’s our expression. I tell you, if it was a Dutch event. They would play some music afterwards, people would eat a snack and leave. But with this, it was about dancing and shaking those hips and enjoying the rest of the night. I am looking forward to what the future holds for African fashion in international scenes. And I am also looking forward to the future of Africa Fashion Week Barcelona.

Now on to the next African Fashion Week.

Photo credits Saint Martin 

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Pictures taken by: Saint Martin 




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