Abina’s Style & Buy: Tiwa Savage in shredded jeans

Tiwa Savage shredded jeans

Tiwa Savage is an artist who we regard as one of the best female Afro pop artists of this time. Mind you that the singer-songwriter does a lot more than just looking pretty. She is an entrepenteur and a fabulous one that is. We spotted her wearing this outfit not too long ago on her Instagram page and we has to share how she inspired us for this week’s look. 

When we look for fashion-items to include in our style & buy, we always make sure to add an African brand/designer to the whole look. This is not always easy, because our African designers do not always showcase the items on a neutral background other than showcasing it on models. The fashion-items showcased on a white background makes it easy to edit it in our weekly looks. Either way, we hope you’ll be inspired.Tiwa Savage

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