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Beyonce and June wearing DashikiBeyoncé drops a photo wearing a Dashiki on TUMBLR and sales of Dashiki’s go UP. I think that folks who never even saw a dashiki before felt drawn to it. A Dashiki might be a new hype to the mainstream, but to us it’s culture. You can buy a Dashiki at Makola market in Accra, Ghana and at any local market in Africa for approximately 6 Euros. But it’s a different story getting one in non-African countries. In the west, you can’t buy a Dashiki just everywhere. While looking for the best locations to get a Dashiki, we noticed brands who have given the Dashiki a creative spin. Like the one Beyoncé was wearing, is the Africa Leaders Jersey from I Am Ron Bass, visual artists and designer based in the USA. There are more kinds of where those Dashikis came from.  And we also have our own Dashiki spose ;). 

Dashiki inspired final

Shoes (zara) – Acid Wash shorts (Topshop) – Suede/ Leather Duffle Bag (Topshop) – Sunglasses (Topshop) – Dashiki (Your Choice)

About I am Ron Bass

Ron Bass is an artist who draws inspiration from Pop art and fashion and creates his own. Ron Bass’ works has been worn by the likes of Jay-Z, Swiss Beatz, Rita Ora and more. Think of custom made tops, hats and more when you think of Ron bass. He produces unique pieces, such as the Dashikis known as the Africa Leaders Jersey in which Beyonce and June Ambrose (pictures above) were captioned in. Unfortunately, his jerseys are sold out at the moment. The jerseys are a limited edition. The Africa Leaders Jersey represents leaders in Africa of whom Ron Bass believes deserve such honor in ways professional athletes are praised .The number 54 signifies the number of countries in Africa. Keep an eye on I am Ron Bass dashiki’s on Instagram. He might restock very soon.

Royal KultureRoyal Kulture and Royal Mandela Dashiki

Then there is Royal Kulture. Royal Kulture is an independent music label based in Queens. Their DASHIKI IS called Royal Mandela Dashiki and it was created from the legacy of Nelson Mandela and the impact he left on the world. So Royal Kulture decided to do a limited supply and name it after him.

Want a Royal Mandela Dash

iki? Contact Royal kulture through Instagram @RoyalKultureMerch or email them to RoyalKultureMerch@gmail.com

You can also check out their music on www.RoyalKulture.com @thatafricankev


The dashiki was a trend in the west during the 70’s and it was often worn by hippies, so there is a high probability that you can find them at vintage stores. In the Netherlands, Cheap fashion(vintage store) has them in stock. It’s always worth checking the vintage stores out. Also, you may find them online at Dupsie’s, HippieShop or on Ebay.

For the rest of us Africans, we can always buy ours at back home 😉



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