ABINA meets the streets

ABINA streetstyleWhen ABINA meets the streets, we discover some of the most simple, chic and creative fashion looks. We discovered some that were really inspiring for the everyday woman and we discovered some for the woman that loves to take risk in her fashion. We didn’t only capture the females, but of course also the men. The men were no small thing at all. Also we learned how to make black on black look edgy, which best flats to wear, how to wear chicness to a wedding, how to work a Hippie-like outfit and more Discover some of the most fashionable we have run into so far.

We first met Ashlee Janelle Danso. This lady makes ABINA proud. Not just because of her good sense of fashion, but because she is an young African woman and entrepeneur, a creative one that is. Ashlee Janelle Danso is a Dutch based stylist who also gives styling courses and she recently launched her T-shirt line called  SO STYLISH. Get yours via Her website: Styled by You. Way to go Ashlee! Ashlee Janelle Danso

Speaking of classy and chic, this look is an example of the way to wear to a business event, a job application or even a drink- up with friends. You can walk through town without having pain in your feet, also;). The peplum top combined with this type of chain and spiked flats make every look go well well. One word: lovely.

ABINA meets the streets

I had to present at The Hague Africa festival and ran into this man. I was thinking: who is this star? I love how he’s wearing black on black with those accessories. It’s a fashion outfit with a rough edge. Me likey!

ABINA meets the streets black

This lady was on it! I ran into her at a cousin’s wedding and I tell you, I did that 3 time fingersnap. Chai! This woman looked uberchic. She wore a cream colored trousers and jacket and that hat! I just had to post this look. This look is for the chic chic women. Lovely!

ABINA meets the street

This lovely lady is one of my classmates. She combined a cowboy inspired suede jacket with a high waist black trousers and black flats. I love those flats! It’s so funny how fashion repeats itself. My mother has a pair from like 20 years ago. And their still intact. Shame I don’t have mommies size. Anyway, this look is chic!


I performed at the second edition of African Homecoming and spotted fashion styles right away. These two ladies look cutie. The lady on the right was wearing this lovely skirt that had me looking at her more than twice. And the combination with those sneakers, Yes yes yes! This lady looked gorgeous, plus the bun made her look complete. The lady in the left picture had chic written all over herself. She is the mother of the fashionista on the right. This is a proof that sense of style works through genes. I love how the sweet mother combined the colors and the skirt with those shoes. Her look is definitely an inspiration. Way to go, mommi and daughter!



We spot this lady plenty of times. If I had to give an example of a lady who is curvy, beautiful and wears the perfect clothing that fits her shape, I will name her. She dey(or however you might write that), meaning she is working it, whenever and wherever(finger snap). This outfit is playful and feminine. That knotted blouse accentuates her shapes well and the color combinations with the accessories is very very nice. ABINA Meets the Streets

This lady reminds me of the word: Afrohippie. She looks comfortable and laid back. I personally love dreads, especially the ones like hers. The bag, the skirt and the top are lovely for a comfortable yet fashionable day.

Afro hippieWe have got plenty of streetstyles coming up. As long as fashion lives, we’ll we taking the best captions. If you got a stylish look you want to share with us, feel free to send it to abina@abinaonline.com.




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