A Q&A with Eritrean Miss Excellence winner, Rebecca Habtab

Ambitious minds in the African Diaspora are doing a great job delivering projects and events which reflect on the beauty and heritage of Africa. An example is the Miss Excellence beauty contest organized by a Nigerian entrepreneur Anthony Obuezie, who is also the co-founder of Essence productions.

On 17 December 2011 was the very first grand finale of the beauty contest, which took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The result of the finale was a well deserved winner named Rebecca Habtab. Rebecca Habtab(26) is an Eritrean young gorgeous woman who resides in Assen, The Netherlands. Her charisma en sweetened personality had the judges and the crowd struck. Rebecca won herself a contract with Positive Runway worth of 10.000 USD and of course a full year reign as Miss Excellence 2011. We wanted to know how this beauty queen is doing and which other inspiring activities she has in store for us.

ABINA: how does it feel, now that you have won Miss Excel 2011?

 Rebecca: “It feels awesome and lovely! I am really honored to win the first edition of this beauty pageant!”

 ABINA: What are your thoughts on the other contestants and who do you think was your greatest competition?

Rebecca: “Most of the other contestants were good, so I had a lot of competition and I am happy that I emerged as the winner. I worked hard for it.”

 ABINA: Can you tell us about the plans for Rebecca this year?

Rebecca:  “I am going to discover myself further, visit various events. I am also a Red Ribbon model for Justina Mutale, who is the founder of Positive Runway. I also plan to empower young women as Miss Excellence. I also hope to become a successful businesswoman and I would like to start my own company, because I want to help the less fortunate, mainly in Africa.”

 ABINA: What advice would you give to someone who wants to walk in your footsteps?

Rebecca: “I will advice them to dare to make the difference. Even if no one agrees with you, say what’s on your mind and in your heart. Be a leader not  follower. It is very important to be yourself, listen to advice, but always decide for you. Be authentic.”

ABINA: describe what you define as an African woman

Rebecca:  “An African woman to me is: wise, strong, beautiful, responsible and caring. She is the definition of power. I respect and admire her because she protects her children like a lioness. She does everything for her children. She also knows what respect means and is a great cook. My sweet mother is example of this and more!”

 ABINA: Thank you very much for your time, an congratulations on your victory.

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