90’s Swag is Back


Look at the high waist and washed jeans, the crazy t-shirts, the colourful make up, the golden bungles, the sneakers, the heels, the furr. This reminds me of something: the 90’s! ‘

I did a little research here and there and my conclusion is: 90’s swag is back! Take a look at the old pictures of hip hip-group Salt n Pepa, for example. Lots of the swag has come back. I personally love it. Here are more fashion items that have come back to 2011. More under the cut.

There are some significant fashion items that have found its way back in today’s fashion. These are:

  • The jeans jacket. Some might consider the jeans jacket as a timeless item, it probably might be in a way. This time, it’s the lighter shade that is in fashion.
  • Spikes. I think spikes speak for itself. Spikes are put on almost everything these days.
  • Flower prints. I don’t think that you can watch an episode of Saved by the bell without seeing a bright colored shirt with flower prints or such. Another item from the 90’s is the handkerchief shirt. We posted earlier about this item. This is a great area for African prints to come in.
  • Crop tops. I never thought the crop top would come back. seriously. Just thinking about Britney Spears in a crop top and dancing, makes my skin crawl, because it really looked bad. Think of it, a top showing the belly button, just because. BUT, it has found its way back in a more classy way, though. Because the crop top of today is kind of oversized and even when it is worn tight, women wear it with a high-waist trousers or skirt. Thát looks good.


Crop top by Karens Closet NY

  • Blocked heel. I do not know the specific word for this type of heel, but it is bigger than what we are used to ánd more comfortable to walk on. I am sure that is good news for our readers who like to walk during full nights on heels.

What have you discovered that’s só 90’s? share with us?



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