2013 recap: A hair and fashion show weekend at Black Styles Weekend in Amsterdam

It is December. I can’t believe the year 2013 is almost over. For ABINA it has been a good year. We had the chance to explore, experience and by the Grace of God we have grown. There are a few things we have not been able to cover, but we still want to give the opportunity this month to look back to all Fashion events and things we have not been able to share yet. The first event that we have not been able to share is Black Styles weekend from 16 to 17 November. Me and the home girl, Cosmos & Lipstick were present. Find out how Black Styles weekend was. It doesn’t happen frequently that hair shows are organized focused on afro, curly and coily hair types. I am happy that Black Styles magazine takes the initiative to do so. We recorded some highlights of the event on the 16th.

Watch out for our recap next week: a fabulous fashion week in Accra, Ghana.



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