2012 Recap 1: Pink Friday with Lady Africa

2012, the year infamous for allegedly being our last is almost over and we have had a blast this past year. ABINA successfully moved from being a blog to an official website. Our visitors grow rapidly and we are pleased to share the beauty of Africa and Africans with the world. What we love to see most is the celebration of African culture around the world. Regardless of where African immigrants reside around the world, there is a beauty that all have in common. And not to forget how African fashion has developed over the last 5 years. It was all amazing to see. We are shortly looking back on some events that took place and we haven’t been able to mention. These were unforgettable events, showcased by wonderful people who have relation to the African continent. Can you imagine, about 50 years ago, Africa, black people and African cultures were associated with all kinds of negativity. But the change is growing rapidly and non-Africans are embracing this change also. It is a developing change.

 Our first recap is a Pink Friday with Lady Africa


October was our oath to Breast cancer awareness. We paid a visit to another exciting event: Pink Friday, which took place at the Hampshire Hotel in The Hague, The Netherlands. The event was organized by a good friend and inspiring person I know for years now. Events to raise awareness about breast cancer are organized very often.  But very few times are these events initiated by and for Africans. There are various reasons for that. One of the reasons is that many Africans aren’t familiar with the causes and side effects of breast cancer. This has to do with the fact that there aren’t many cases of breast cancer in Africa as in the West. And there aren’t as many breast cancer cases among black people opposing to white people. But our disadvantage is, once it is discovered among us, it comes strong. As a result, there are more white people who are breast cancer survivors than there are black people.  Pink Friday was initiated by an African breast cancer survivor, she is the founder and CEO of Lady-Africa, Irene Hinn. A positive event that took us with joy as joyful as the organizer is.

The event was held in a Pink themed setting with Pink Cosmo’s and sweets and it led on to a market with various brands that showcased their products. Brands like Afro Candy Sweets, Rituals, Cupcake chic and of course Lady-Africa was present. All brands were focused on women enjoying life. Aside from the market, there was a lottery where the one with a lucky number could win a goodie bag.

On surviving breast cancer
if there is one thing I love about Irene Hin is her positivity and sense of humor. You can read from her presence that she is an absolute survivor and enjoying life to the fullest. Irene Hinwas diagnosed with cancer precisely 10 years ago. She was treated, but treatment resulted to be more painful than expected. She explained to us that she had to undergo several surgeries including a total Mastectomy.  Recovery took much longer than planned due to some serious complications after an additional experimental Chemotherapy. She explained to us that every year she goes out and present her story to doctors in training, because young doctors need to learn how such a procedure goes with black women.
Pink Friday was Irene’s oath to breast cancer survivors and a memoire to those that lost their battle. The event ended on a successful note in a wonderful Pink themed celebration of life. All proceeds of the Pink Lotery held during the event were donated to Pink Drive, a South African organization that provides services against breast cancer and to Pink Ribbon, a Dutch Breastcancer Organisation.

Africans and breast cancer

Breast cancer is not a decease that Africans in Diasporas often think about, opposing to high blood pressure and diabetes. We only do think about it when the issue becomes as real as the disease. I would like every woman and mainly Africans to get themselves tested, especially after the age of 40. Many countries offer an annual checkup. These are great opportunities to find out what’s going on in our bodies. Cancer is a very scary thing, but the best thing is to discover it in early stages and start treatment right away.

Irene Hin 10 years ago after her last chemotherapy treatment

Read more on prevention on Africa cancer Inc.

If you or a relative in any way, dealt with cancer or you lost someone due to it. Share with us your experiences and thoughts.

Thanks for the invite, Miss Irene.

We enjoyed Prink Friday thoroughly. Also we ran into Ms. Audrey NM who is founder and designer of Uzuri Couture, an African fashion brand we are keeping our eye on, because her collection is fabulous all the way. Below are pictures of the event. Be sure to follow ABINA on Facebook, And Lady Africa on Facebook and Twitter.




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